Refurbishment of PALLADIUM Under Sentient Management Continues

11 May 2020

The ongoing refurbishment of the PALLADIUM shopping centre comprises one of the key projects our team has been working on throughout 2019 and 2020. The refurbishment works are still in progress and we are pleased that PALLADIUM returned to almost full operation on Monday, 11th May following the recent partial shut-down due to coronavirus. Most of the retail units are now open except for the food court, which remains closed due to government restrictions. The Sentient team worked on the project 24/7 even during the covid-19 restrictions and our on-site management and construction works have now returned to their pre-coronavirus extent, as we adhere closely to industry standards in respect of the full operation of the shopping mall.

PALLADIUM is one of the biggest shopping malls in the Prague city centre with a total retail area of 39,000 m2. The refurbishment works include the remodelling of the centre’s entrances alongside the installation of new artistic light fixtures, the new artificial illumination of all common areas and an extension of the mall area to provide both more leisure spaces for customers and more leasable area. Apart from its complexity, the project is also remarkable due to the fact that all works are being carried out during normal shopping centre operation. Our team has been providing the client with project and cost management, quality supervision and health & safety coordination services.

Client Representative: Property Solutions Group | General Contractor: Hinton, a.s.