We are committed to building tailored solutions for our Clients based on our core competencies to achieve enduring results for the projects we work on.

Acquisition - Due Diligence

Acquisition is not about ticking boxes or describing specification, it’s ensuring you have a clear understanding of the constraints your target property may bring to the flexibility of your real estate portfolio. We ensure reporting is structured to suit your needs emphasising your specific criteria. Most properties have defects or shortcomings which could impact their short, medium or long term performance. Our teams will carry out a Technical and Environmental Due Diligence (TEDD) which will identify these issues and give you, the investor, tenant or financing bank, a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the target property to allow an informed decision to be made. After Closing we can prepare physical and virtual data rooms (including scanning) for the complete property documentation, clearly indexed and filed and organised to allow you to efficiently manage and later, sell the property. We can also help you in the sale of a project, we help structure your data room, liaise with the technical representatives from the potential purchaser and even execute a pre-due diligence / sellers report to identify and fix problems before the sale process commences.


Our team will work with you to assess the feasibility of the development - setting the groundwork for a successful project.

Using knowledge and experience gained through delivering projects of all sizes, in all sectors, from inception to occupation we can provide robust early advice to help you tailor the Development Appraisal / Business Plan by:

  • Benchmarking quality, time and cost against similar developments
  • Developing indicative time lines, budgets and outline specifications.
  • Working through risk items identified during Due Diligence.


Setting the pathway to project delivery. As an extension to your development appraisal / business plan we help identify your goals and set out the key steps / milestones / deliverables to achieve them.

  • Development of the Client Brief
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Project Strategy Report
  • Master programming Advice
  • Project Structure
  • Risks and uncertainties

Our reports provide a clear framework for the project in a format suitable to take to an Investment Board / Credit Committee.


Our teams are skilled and experienced in the delivery of all forms of construction – from small office fit outs to large, complex multi-functional developments.

Whether full Project and Cost Management of the base build, a cost management role supporting in-house or external project management teams, a monitoring role on behalf of a financier, forward purchaser or working with an end user / tenant to achieve successful occupation we offer:

  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Construction Management
  • Development Management
  • Development Monitoring / Lenders Supervision
  • Tenant Co-ordination
  • Fit Out Project Management
  • Sustainability

We can also help you in the sale of a project, we help structure your data room, liaise with the technical representatives from the potential purchaser

Construction Consultancy Services

We don’t just advise within the development cycle, we cover all aspects of real estate development.

  • Development Monitoring, Bank / Lenders Supervision: Before banks or investors agree to fund / invest, our teams will check permits, budgets, time schedules, warranties, equity invested etc. and issue a Zero Report to allow informed decisions to be taken. When the development is underway we shall regularly visit the site and check permits, progress, budgets, equity invested and expenditure, prepare drawdowns etc. and ensure your loan / investment is secure.
  • Dispute Avoidance / Resolution: If your project is in delay and / or over budget our teams will help by reprogramming and / or accelerating the works to reduce delays or implement value engineering to reduce cost. Disputes happen and when they do we will provide clear expert advice and support to help the parties reach an agreement. We have acted as Technical Expert on small disputes about cracks in floor slabs to international arbitrations involving claims of up to 400M Euro.
  • Distressed Developments: When a real estate development runs into problems, we have the knowledge and experience to review the construction aspects of the development and to advise on alternatives to allow recommencement of works – whether in isolation or with other legal, financial or real estate experts.
  • Fire Insurance Valuations


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for our Clients. We have therefore taken the opportunity to expand our services and provide a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues across all facets of real estate – from new build, to in-use and on acquisition in due diligence assessments.

Integrating a broad range of existing environmental assessment, amelioration and impact analysis skills and adding the new knowhow of accredited green building certification services Sentient created a focused Sustainability practice group to advise clients with high stakes in the Real Estate sector. We provide a wide range of integrated sustainability services which can support our clients throughout the project’s Life Cycle:

  • Environmental Due Diligence Services
  • Asbestos Survey
  • Ecological Assessments
  • Sustainability assessments and annual reviews
  • Design Review - Quantity Survey
  • Green Building Gap Analysis services
  • LEED and BREEAM accredited certification services
  • Sustainable Project Management during a green building certification process
  • Condition Survey
  • Technical Due Diligence Services
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Energy Saving Tools

Throughout the process we apply our traditional strengths in cost and project management to achieve value and minimise cost.